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Tai Tokerau Honey

Taste of Aotearoa

Taste of Aotearoa

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This gift pack contains a selection of New Zealand honeys in 40g pottles.

Mānuka is possibly the most famous of our honeys, so this pack includes our entire Manuka UMFTM range for you to sample: Multifloral Manuka, Manuka UMF 5+, Manuka UMF 10+, Manuka UMF 15+ and the elite Manuka UMF 20+

Our whenua (land) also produces many other delicious types of honey, so these packs also have our ever popular Natural Manuka and Bush Honey (a natural, bee-made blend), Pohutukawa Honey and the Kanuka Honey

Please note that the contents of these gift packs may change depending on what honeys can be sourced at the time.

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