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Tai Tokerau Honey

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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This handpicked and cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil has flavours of of rocket, spice and pepper. It is a great addition to many foods as a dressing or as a dipping oil with bread.

About this:

Nestled in the Whangape Harbour is a very small Anglican church called Hautapoki – believed to be the first to be built in the North Hokianga, built in 1854. In this century, one of the Anglican Minister’s, Frank Lisle, planted two small olive trees near the church, on the water’s edge.

In the 1920s, the land the olive trees stands on came into the ownership of one Marino Lunjevich. He, along with Father Zagreb from Pawarenga would pick the olives, place them in a sack in a tin bath, then set all the children onto a plank on top of the sack to crush the olives and squeeze all the juices out! The origins of the cold-press!

Nearly two centuries on, these trees are still healthy and still producing olives! The sons and daughters of these trees are what we produce this lovely oil from, and it is called “Marino” to honour the whakapapa (origins/lineage) of these trees.

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