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Tai Tokerau Honey

Tuia Maara Rongoa Pack

Tuia Maara Rongoa Pack

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A collection of amazing Rongoa products produced by our local Tuia Maara Whenua group. Pair this with a UMF 10+ honey to help cope with the changing of the seasons!

Each Pack contains one each of:

  • Kānuka Hydrosol: An antiseptic and sanitising spray for your body and other surfaces

  • Kūmarahou & Honey Elixir: Kūmarahou decoctions have traditionally been used as a remedy for problems of the respiratory tract, and as a detoxifier.


And one of either:

  • Kawakawa Congestion Balm: Kawakawa is traditionally used to soothe irritations and inflammation, and this blend was created to aid in relieving 
  • Tūpākihi Balm: Tūpākihi is a go-to for pain relief, and the leaves and bark were traditionally used to heal broken bones, sprains, strains, bruises.

    ~~ if you have a preference please leave a note and we will do our best! 


Please note that the products in these Rongoa packs can change with the seasons


Tuia Maara Whenua are a community group of Rongoa practitioners who produce these natural remedies to distribute to the wider community.

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