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Tai Tokerau Honey

Tuia Maara Rongoa Pack

Tuia Maara Rongoa Pack

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A collection of amazing Rongoa products produced by our local Tuia Maara Whenua group. Pair this with a UMF 10+ honey to help cope with the changing of the seasons!

Each Pack contains:

  • Kānuka Hydrosol: An antiseptic and sanitising spray for your body and other surfaces

  • Kūmarahou & Honey Elixir: Kūmarahou decoctions have traditionally been used as a remedy for problems of the respiratory tract, and as a detoxifier.

And one of either:
  • Kawakawa Congestion Balm: Kawakawa is traditionally used to soothe irritations and inflammation, and this blend was created to aid in relieving 
  • Tūpākihi Balm: Tūpākihi is a go-to for pain relief, and the leaves and bark were traditionally used to heal broken bones, sprains, strains, bruises.


Please note that the products in these Rongoa packs can change.


Tuia Maara Whenua are a community group of Rongoa practitioners who produce these natural remedies to distribute to the wider community.

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