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Tai Tokerau Honey

Te Mānuka Nui

Te Mānuka Nui

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Te Mānuka Nui - the Big Mānuka, weighing in a at a whopping 2kg!

Perfect for the family of sweet tooth’s!


This is a bee-made mix of Mānuka and New Zealand bush honey’s.

It is as close as we can get to selling you honey straight from the hive as we can get it, so it has that grainy, chewy texture that so many people love! This honey has been through our extraction process and then packed into jars. It has not been through our creaming process (which stabilises the crystallisation process to produce the smooth silky texture of our premium Mānuka range), it has not been excessively heat treated or pasteurized.

Due to the natural state this honey does contain granules and wax particles, and the honey may show signs of crystallisation over time - this is completely normal and can be solved by warming gently and then stirring.

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